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Kb clean and jerk

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Master StrongFirst instructor Jon Engum once said, If you work the kettlebell clean and jerk correctly, there is not much else you need to do. My training consisted of 2 training days per week Tuesday, Thursday with each session taking roughly minutes. By the end of February I was in the best shape of my life; I even gained 10 pounds of lean muscle which pushed me up a weight class and gain ZERO body fat. I continued to train the jerk for an entire year. I maintained my normal training sessions Tu, Thu and added two technical days.
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Kettlebell Clean and Jerk

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Single-Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press: Exercise Techniques, Benefits, Video | Born to Workout

Posted on May 22, By Artemis Scantalides. The Kettlebell Jerk combines power, strength, and conditioning into one comprehensive, time efficient, ballistic movement, which if performed correctly, and consistently, can build ultimate strength and blast fat. Yes, just like the kettlebell swing, clean, and snatch the kettlebell jerk is a ballistic movement in that it requires power and explosiveness under control. Compared to the strict military press, which is a strength movement that requires you to maintain maximal tension while grinding through the movement without applying explosive or ballistic force. Like the kettlebell snatch, as a ballistic overhead movement, the kettlebell jerk is an advanced kettlebell movement that requires both healthy shoulder mobility and stability. The kettlebell jerk is one of the dead last movements that I will teach to a client as it requires advanced strength, coordination, skill, and healthy shoulders.
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Key Tips to Performing the Kettlebell Jerk Correctly

If you look at the clean, it is the central link in many cases to get the bell from the floor to a position where we can squat, press, or jerk it. The first thing to keep in mind with the kettlebell clean is that it is a swing that just ends up with the bell going to a different location. I think about the swing as the driving force behind my clean and snatch. I find when I focus on keeping the elements of the swing in those moves they are much more fluid and powerful. So, always keep in mind all the things we spoke about when we were doing swings.
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The full-body movements of the kettlebell clean and jerk help you attain a sleek silhouette. You are headed to the top of the Nestie Fitness Pyramid if you plan to put together a kettlebell clean and jerk fitness plan. The stylish clean and jerk offers the real deal as far as strength work goes. Plan to work out with your kettlebell three to four times a week, advises Lorna Kleidman, three-time world fitness champion, who provides kettlebell training in New York City.

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